Which ANTM All-Star Has The Better Song, Lisa or Dominique?

Both Dominique Reighard and Lisa D’Amato are still in the running to become ANTM’s first All-Star winner, but they’re also battling it out in a different arena. The two released brand new music videos in an attempt to become the next reality star pop star. Last week, I shared Dominique’s catchy “On Top of The World“, and today I have Lisa’s new clip. It was bad enough that I liked Dom’s song, but now I find myself saying that Lisa’s new track isn’t that bad either. What is wrong with me?

Tyra Banks seriously needs to consider creating a spin-off reality show from “America’s Next Top Model“. So far, her track record for creating budding recording artists is better than finding the next Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. Both Dom and Lisa’s music career is off to a better start than most of Bravo’s Housewives. Except Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy For That Party” of course. That single is pure reality guilty pleasure heaven.

While Dominique’s track was more club pop friendly, Lisa’s single is more hip-hop ragga influenced. “Soldier” is off Lisa’s album, “Flippin’ The Bird” which you can purchase on iTunes. Does iTunes ever say “no” to anyone wanting to hock their music? If anyone knows, I’d love to know. In the meantime, check out both the ANTM All-Stars’ new music videos below. Not surprisingly, neither incorporates “Pot Ledom” in their lyrics or Keenan Cahill in the clip. WWTT (What Would Tyra Think).

Lisa D’Amato Feat. Irawniq “Soldier” Music Video

Dominique Reighard “On Top Of The World” Music Video

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Tyra Banks “Shake Ya Body” Music Video

As an added bonus, I thought I’d embed Tyra’s singing debut back from Cycle 2. Remember when she had Yoanna, Mercedes, Shandi, April, Sara and Camille strut their stuff for her video? Even better, do you remember Yoanna falling on her ass while attempting the dance moves? LOL. Oh, I miss the glory days of ANTM.

As much as Tyra annoys me, I have to say, I sorta liked “Shake Ya Body” back in the day. Even listening to it now, it’s not so bad. But that’s mostly due to Darkchild’s production than Tyra’s actual vocals. Imagine what some other artist could’ve done with the track. Top 40 hit for sure.

  • Jose

    Lisa is my fav! I hope she wins All Stars!

  • Ari

    I still to this day love Tyra’s “Shake Ya Body!”
    As a single it was actually very fun! and I still jam to it if it shows up on rotation.
    I am actually a fan of Dominque’s single more than Lisa’s it’s something about it that doesn’t feel forced. However, the wardrobe is a little stronger in Lisa’s!

  • I like Lisa’s styling, but I think the song is nowhere near as good as Dominique’s.

  • Holy shit, I just watched Tyra’s vid. Haven’t seen it in years + I forgot how good that song actually is. Granted, she’s not the greatest singer, but the song itself is hot. I could hear J Lo recording that one.

  • Joshua Morrison

    I’m digging Lisa’s song. No offense to Dominique, but there isn’t that sound of obvious auto-tune in Lisa’s, which kills me. But both girls are wicked talented though!

  • Antoine

    I love Dominique’s song, it’s very catchy. And I love Dominique’s Pot Ledom Song too.