Commercial Demonstrates How Gays Might Think ‘LiquiFruit’ Juice Is Made

A South African juice company named LiquiFruit has released a TV campaign consisting of a series of three commercials that show different people’s fantasies of how exactly the juice is made. One with two guys, another is a woman’s fantasy, and the one you’re about to watch is a gay man’s fantasy.

As the song, “Working On The Island” plays in the background, several sexy shirtless men sort and clean fruit on the beach, put it through some sort of juicer, and voila, the juice comes out all packaged and everything. I think he’s right – makes sense to me!

Quench your thirst by watching the commercial below!

  • Jacov

    Heya, from SA here and these ads are actually quite old – fun to watch nontheless, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Oh yes, and I love this site!