Download Liquid Plumr’s Sexy 2014 Calendar


Chemical drain openers and sexy don’t typically go hand in hand for most people. Although, I’m sure there are some freaks out there who have a fetish for smelly clogged pipes. GROSS. You know who you are 😉

Liquid Plumr is making their 2014 calendar available to download for free. While it’s relatively subdued with regards to some of the other 2014 calendars I’ve shared, it’s still pretty sexy. The likelihood of anyone as hot as these guys showing up at your front door is virtually nil, but one can fantasize, right?

Even though the company tapped Rusty Joiner to grace the cover, along with bookending it as their January and December cover boy, I’m all about March and November’s Alejandro. Dude can plunge me anytime. Check out the pics below and see if you agree with me. If not, comment on which dude you’d want to clean your pipes.


2014 Liquid Plumr Calendar: Which Months Are The Hottest?

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You can download the calendar as a PDF on the official website.

  • Brendan Moore

    Aww, I was hoping the melon guy from the older commercial would be part of the mix. He is so cute (even though his character on Have and Have-Nots is a real jerk!!)

  • Borneo

    whoo hoo! i voted for December!

  • Nate KW

    110% December*faint*

  • Hot guys, none of the plumbers I’ve ever seen look like this.

  • Ghee

    damn september/april’s eddie is fine as hell. i am pleased with my month’s plumber….wouldnt mind seeing him bentover fixing my plumbing….he would make the butt-crack and woman’s red undies wearing plumber stereotyped image very hot and not-cringe-worthy.

  • LittleDreamer

    Is it December 2014 yet?

  • Bruce Belli

    January/Dec for sure