Lip Sync for Ya’ Life – Tommy D


We’re back!

For the record, Patrick was the first to show us that we WERE ready for his his jelly. Brian told us to no longer Call Him Baby, and next up we welcome into the Mazda MX5- TOMMY D!

Tommy is not only a famous promoter, he’s also the face behind the make up when his alter ego SYREN hits the stage. Blessed with a kind heart, and a mouth that not only mimic lyrics, it also speaks the truth constantly!

Before Tommy and I started our one on one, we decided to grab some dinner…drive thru style!

And don’t forget- you get to be the judge…did Tommy LIP SYNC FOR HIS LIFE???

Did Tommy D Lip Sync for his life?

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Who would you like to see Lip Sync for their life next?

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  • Kyle

    who the hell said NO?!


    nicely done.

    /miss you

  • holy crap.. i do NOT want to follow that!
    tooooo funny tommy- hands down, you would have rocked ongina RIGHT off that stage! x

  • Velma

    Meh. This was a bit… over confident. Its more endearing when it’s someone who isn’t already an over-the-top diva.

    (Nice chins… perhaps you should have skipped the drive thru gurl)

    Mcdonalds kills me, we had a long conversation before the drive through about how this was the last time i was going to mcdonalds because im starting this crazy diet the next day.

  • M

    I laughed SO hard at this, you GO, Tommy!

    PS. Shut your face, Velma. He’s a total sweetheart and he does this kind of shit with or without a camera.

  • Jenn

    Dear Velma,

    What Tommy said.

    Love Jenn

  • KL

    This is how a so called ‘writer’ or in his own mind ‘famous’ individual who is supposed to be one of the faces of Homorazzi acts?

    Thats mighty pathetic. Someone can yell and scream to try and get as much attention as one wants. But it just shows you can’t handle want you think you are putting out there.
    Might be time to do some growing up.

    If I was an advertiser to the site, I’d seriously be reconsidering my decision to advertise here.
    There is some seriously good content to the site, but then you get this self indulgent fluff that just ain’t ever gonna make it.

  • Hmm you might have a point.
    Although I would probably take you a bit more seriously if you used a real name.

    But your points have been noted.

  • Velma


    Couldn’t have said it better myself. All flash and no substance. “Im kind of a big deal”…..not really.
    Personally, I was embarrassed for you and felt this feature brings down the quality of the site. In fact, it’s almost a contradiction; you post articles about equality and no-judgment and then portray yourselves as immature, flamboyant brats.

  • The best part about this site is its diversity! It’s just like regular life… we’re not all politically correct nine to fivers taking it all too seriously all the time. It’s okay to giggle… we should do it more often. Thanks Tommy and Jonny. This one made me giggle.

    Velma’s first post made me giggle too… just saying!!!

  • Again, “Velma” I would take you way more seriously if you represented yourself honestly. I actually know that you share the same IP as a couple other names that post on this site who also like to talk smack to other cast members. So, until you yourself are honest, I really am not going to take anything you say to heart.

    And honestly, if you guys don’t like it, don’t click it. I never said I was serious, I never said I wasn’t. I write what I want to, when I want to. If you like it great, if not even better. I’ve said many times this place wouldn’t be as interesting if everyone agreed.

    I do like that you took a quote from my personal pages. Which means that you are clearly following me in more places than just here, so thank you for that.

    This place just represents a small fraction of who I am, and what I’m about. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t really bother me and I probably won’t think about it much after this.

  • Kodie

    Sounds like Velma and KL Drank too much Hater-aid this week!

  • Harlequin


  • Chris T.

    Ugh. The only people who could enjoy this dribble piss (performance and website) is the creators themselves. This website is nothing more than a self-serving craptastic attempt to make yourselves feel important. The rest of us don’t give a rats ass, despite my actually taking the time to write this email.

    Tommy D, your lip sync was quite simply, a…


  • jonny

    Oh Velma and KL! Thanks for your feedback. Lipsync For Ya Life is a feature that allows us to play, sing and enjoy life. Grab a burger, hear a tune and have a great time the summer sun in Vancouver.

    Tommy, bro, you know how I feel. We had such a blast filming this and had to edit big time because we just had SO much content!

    If I were an advertiser, I’d be looking for something different, catchy and upbeat. I feel like we’ve achieved that, maybe not perfectly…however success does require some risk.

    Bravo Tommy, as per usual, it was a such a wicked experience. Plus you took the risk to film on broadway, nice work!

  • spiderlegs

    That was fierce boys….. I wish i got to see more of the other motorist reactions!!

  • Velma

    Sounds like I’m not the only one who thought this “performance” was self-indulgent and ridiculous. Why would I state my “real” name? So you could reference me in your pathetic twitter updates and other forms of pleas for attention?
    You know my IP address, so…. that means you know what province i live in?
    If you intent to be a “supasta”, learn to handle the critics. This entire site is made up of several overblown egos who dislike criticism and crave attention, celebrity, and praise. When you create immature dribble, you can’t expect to get a pat on the back from anyone other than yourselves.


    Ugh, my face hurts from this argument….

  • I love self indulgence and flamboyance. Flamboyancy, camp, and being over the top is part of what makes OUR CULTURE so great. (which deny it if you want, but us fags have culture in spades. Maybe not upright, responsible, upstanding Homosexuals (which isn’t to say that fags are never upright, responsible, upstanding homosexuals as well…))

  • the people saying this site is self indugent or whatever…thats what a blogging site is about…stuff about the lives and stuff effecting the lives of the site’s participants and the sunday submission clearly gives the opportunity for others to also indulge in themselves, so to speak.
    facebook and all these networking sites are sort of promoting the same reality tv/everyone wants to be a star thing so if you cant join it dont diss it cause u know u want it too.

  • Kyle

    i think it’s hilarious how brave people seem to be behind the anonymity of their computer screens.

    Velma & KL:

    grow a pair and say something to someone’s face one day, i dare you.

    probably not going to happen, hey?

    sort of looks to me like you’re screaming for attention yourselves. you must look SO much better after you’ve torn someone apart, no?

  • KL

    actually Kyle (real name? who? huh?) I am upfront, on a daily basis.
    its looking like someone can’t handle a simple comment here.
    quite frankly I don’t give a crap about a two tone lip sync.
    I found it more alarming that someone who contributes to this *ahem* website actually called someone else that commented a ‘fucking cunt’.
    just plain rude, and a sign of bad breeding.

    you don’t have to agree with what that person had to say about a ‘performance’ but if you are a bigger man with any self confidence…you could let it slide.

    if I was an advertiser I would be thinking twice about the content, how relevant is it, is it worth my advertising $$, especially these days.
    if I owned the website…I’d seriously be thinking about who’s contributing. do a serious check on some backgrounds.

    sometimes being the loudest just means you haven’t anything important to say.

  • Didn’t we have this argument already… like a month ago. Moveondotorg much?

    I already used my Yoda quote to mock this fence post cat fight… hmmm…. What would Papa Smurf say? Oh I know…

    What is the first rule of smurfdom? No casting spells on your own!!!


  • Kyle

    hey KL

    my name is Kyle Murphy.

    you’re an internet coward.

    not all websites are about making money with advertising. they’re about expression.

    clearly, your head is so far up your own ass you haven’t got any coherent understanding of the concept.

    if logging on to websites and slandering the productions of others who, in no way, tried to offend you, then so be it.

    your penis obviously must have gotten bigger in the process.

    so next time you log on and decide to share your clearly superior intellect with the world, take a step back and think that perhaps NOBODY CARES.

    but you’ve got to make your little mark on the world, right?

  • Kyle

    the beauty of this, however, is that with every negative or positive reply, homorazzi’s organic search rankings will rise.

    so keep whining – you’re only helping them move to the top.

    cheers boys

  • Velma


    Don’t ask for comments and feedback – even going so far as putting up two polls, if you only expect positive comments. I personally did not enjoy the “performance”, as it was just super annoying.
    And I have to say, good choice in removing the “fucking cunt” reply from Tommy. If you’re going to put your “work” in a public forum, you better expect that not everyone is going to like it and if that’s your response, you’re not going to get anywhere.

  • Jenn

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh what a waste of time. I can’t believe I just read all of this.

    Tommy, you ARE a star and I love you. Keep on keeping on.

    Kyle, you are the best!

  • KL

    Kyle Murphy – grow up.
    I actually have hope for Tommy, he’s just learning life lessons along the way thats all.
    I’m sure he’s a good guy. He’ll find what works and what doesn’t
    and who his true friends are, not the usual kiss asses. 😉
    I was just more offended that he called someone who posted a comment a ‘fucking cunt’.
    That doesn’t represent well for any face of a website/business.
    I’m sure he’s realized his mistake though. And thats all it was.

    You though, typical and predictable. Stepping into whatever you deem fashionable at the moment but then you just come off as generic, just another face in the crowd. Another loud mouth with no backing.
    How the hell my name would solve your problems is beyond me.
    And you are fooling yourself if you think this website in particular is only for expression.

    So continue your rant backstreet Kyle.
    It looks like Tommy has moved on, so who’s gonna be listening to you?

  • Chris T.

    Oh Kyle Murphy. EVERYONE knows you. Hope you’re finding more success in Victoria than your failures in Vancouver.

    Does Michael know what he’s getting into? Haven’t you brutalized Victoria’s small gay population enough as it is? Before you know it, you’ll have to leave that city as well.

    Your place is in the kitchen, not publishing some second-rate senior’s magazine in Lesboville.

    And Tommy… oh Tommy… ugh. Seriously, you look better in a dress. Keep your performances kitch cause you ain’t cutting it as a guy.

  • Ricardo C

    OMFG! why is there so much hate out there… honestly. THis site is doing such a great job, still there are things i like more than others… but you know what. This is like TV, or cable. or movies out there… you dont like it, fine move on…
    I just don’t understand whats the point of making all those retarded comments full of hate…
    Come on guys, take it as it is.. it’s FUn, and if this is not your kinda fun, click on next post!


  • Ricardo C

    i forgot my original comment

    po po po pokerface
    po po poker face…
    na na na na

  • MikeL

    If I wasn’t nailing your best friend I’d totally hit that.

  • Velma,

    FYI, as somebody reading these posts you sound like a total cunt….actually, in reality, I am guessing a bitter, insecure fag who uplifts himself from putting other people down who actually are fearless enough to put themselves out there.

    If you hated all this stuff so much, you wouldn’t continually read (obviously on a more regular basis than most of us) this blog and many others. Furthermore, if you had a more fulfilling life you wouldn’t be wasting your time spreading all the garbage that you put on here.

    The hypocrisy in your actions annoys me to no end and am tired of reading it. I am going to take an advil from the headache you have given me.

  • Danny

    When is the next “Lip Sync for ya’ life”? Keep doing what you do and be yourselves doing it!! I enjoy the site very much and it has helped me in so many ways. Also don’t be phased by the haters. All they are saying to themselves is “Man I wish I can have this much fun with my friends but wait i don’t have any!” Peace and Thanks again!!!