I had no idea that Vanessa Williams‘ daughter was a singer – but she is and she’s really good. You may recall that her daughter, Jillian Hervey was a guest on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season.

Hervey, along with Lucas Goodman make up the R&B duo, Lion Babe. They’ve just released their debut single called “Treat Me Like Fire” complimented by a sexy music video. The tune of the song actually reminds me of The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill album from 1998. In the video, Hervey channels her inner animal and essential embodies a “Lion Babe”. She’s even got some growling and barking going on at the beginning of the video! Rawr!

I give the song and the video two thumbs up – an excellent choice for a debut single and video. Watch the video below and if you’re interested, click here to check out Donovan‘s Top 5 Vanessa Williams songs. Enjoy!

Lion Babe – “Treat Me Like Fire”