Watch David Letterman Tease Lindsay Lohan About Rehab

Lindsay Lohan popped by The Late Show to promote her upcoming film Scary Movie 5 and FX’s Anger Management. It was her first appearance on the CBS talk show since 2007. Naturally, David Letterman had a lot of questions to ask her, most notably about her upcoming rehab stint.

Whether she was serious about not being asked these questions in the pre-interview, I have to give credit to the 26-year-old. This is the most put together I’ve seen her in a long time and her playful interaction with Letterman was actually entertaining to watch. Don’t take my word for it, watch the two go back and forth about her upcoming rehab stint beginning May 2.

David Letterman – Lindsay Lohan on Going to Rehab

In addition to the rehab-related questions, David also fired off serious questions including her financial status, whether or not her Scary Movie 5 costar Charlie Sheen loaned her money and why she always finds herself in so much trouble.

What do you think of Lohan’s interview? Isn’t it the most lucid you’ve seen her in ages? Are you rooting for Lindsay to make a comeback? Sound off below.

  • rogelio

    She seems to be taking her “comeback” seriously, making fun of all her mistakes is a great way of showing that. Hopefully she will get her life together this time.

  • loviah