How Is Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Issue Selling?

Just like the troubled actress’ life in the past couple years, Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy experience got off to a shaky start. The cover and pictorial were leaked online two weeks early. Lohan canceled an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show- her one and only promotional interview for the cover. Lastly, early reports indicated the magazine’s January-February issue saw slow and mediocre sales. Despite all this, it seems Lohan’s issue has picked up steam and now selling like hot cakes. Now, if only Lindsay can turn her life beyond the pages of Playboy around as easily.

According to a tweet by Hugh Hefner on Sunday, “The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records“. A Playboy spokesman confirmed Hefner’s claims, saying it was selling “very well” but didn’t disclose actual numbers. The “Mean Girls” star was reportedly paid a whopping one million dollars for her Marilyn Monroe-inspired pics. Speaking of which, Monroe was paid $50 for the 1949 photo shoot that Hefner eventually used to grace the cover of Playboy’s debut issue in 1953.

According to TMZ, newstands in major markets like New York and Los Angeles have asked for more issues to meet the demand. They also claim that cities that typically don’t order more issues have also re-ordered. In addition,’s online service has seen a large rise in subscription sales.

Based on TMZ’s reports, they seem to support Hef and Playboy’s claim. That said, according to CNN that may not be so true. They called a dozen newsstands in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta and found only one location that was sold out of the issue.

Who knows exactly what kind of volumes the issue is actually moving, but one thing is for certain… it’s not a complete bomb. This should give Playboy a huge sigh of relief for shilling out a big paycheck for Lohan. Maybe Lohan might even reverse the downward trend the mag has experienced recently. Last year, the publication saw its circulation numbers fall from 2.6 million to just 1.5 million last year.

Have you seen Lindsay’s Playboy spread? What did you think? Will this signal the comeback Lohan (and her mom-ager Dina) have been looking for? Sound off below.