Lindsay Lohan has finally found dick. Nope, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Lifetime just cast Lohan’s love interest in its Elizabeth Taylor biopic, “Liz & Dick“. Playing the other half of the titular couple is Grant Bowler. It’s about time they cast the male lead. The film is scheduled to begin filming in less than two weeks.

You might recognize Bowler from his roles in “Ugly Betty” and “True Blood” where he played Wilhelmina Slater’s love interest Connor Owens and werewolf Cooter respectively. In “Liz & Dick”, Grant will play Welsh actor Richard Burton who was Taylor’s on-and-off again lover. The two married twice, once from 1964-74 and from 1975-76. “Liz & Dick” will chronicle the epic love affair of the two Hollywood legends. Producer Larry Thompson revealed Lohan and Bowler are visually a “perfect match” and raved about their chemistry. Check out what else he had to say about his two leading actors.

“We had seen him [Bowler] on tape and liked him but wanted to confirm the chemistry between the two. But this morning we had Lindsay and Grant come into a room at Lifetime and the chemistry exploded.”

He went on gushing, “It was just Fourth of July firecrackers going off in the room. We knew from the chemistry that Liz and Dick live again.” Teasing that there will be a lot of steamy scenes, he added, “Chemistry means movie magic for sex. This movie will definitely have as much sex as Lifetime will allow.” – producer Larry Thompson

What do you think of LiLo and Grant Bowler playing these iconic roles? If you had your say, who would’ve you cast instead? Sound off below.