It’s the movie television event of the year. We’ve seen still images of Lindsay Lohan dressed up as Elizabeth Taylor which surprisingly were half decent. She manages to embody the screen legend and not embarrass herself. That said, pictures are one thing and video is another. Lifetime recently released the first trailer of Liz & Dick and it’s very telling. Is the network disguising Lohan’s potential trainwreck performance by using a series of quick edits to hide her acting?

If you add up all the words uttered from the Mean Girls mouth, it probably wouldn’t add up to too much. It’s just a series of images of the 25-year-old actress smashing things, smoking, drinking and in a bubble bath with a guy. Sounds like a regular Tuesday afternoon for Lilo 😉 It’s a role Lohan has been “preparing” for the past several years. With a voiceover, “They drink, they fight, they fornicate,” Lifetime is certainly trying to make the film as salacious as possible. Check out the first ever trailer below.

‘Liz & Dick’ Movie Trailer

First impressions? Are you going to watch Liz & Dick on Lifetime? Is this the beginning of a comeback for Lindsay or just another setback? Sound off below.