Last night, Lindsay Lohan was a surprise guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a special segment called, “Let Us Play With Your Look“.

As the segment begins, we see Jimmy Fallon wearing a blonde wig and a tight white outfit as he continues to sing, “Let Us Play With Your Look” over and over again. Then, out walks Lindsay Lohan, also wearing a blonde wig and white outfit. She walks through the audience and brings one man up to the stage so she can…you guessed it… play with his look. As Jimmy’s singing gets more intense, so does Lindsay’s audience member makeover. I don’t know that Tabatha Coffey would be impressed with her work.

At the end, one has a more dramatic exit than the other. It’s a cute and weird sketch, but funny nonetheless. Watch the clip below.

Lindsay Lohan & Jimmy Fallon – ‘Let Us Play With Your Look’

Thanks to Rebel who commented on the article, I was reminded that Anne Hatheway actually did the same segment this past summer. She’s REALLY committed to it! Check it out below!

Anne Hatheway & Jimmy Fallon – ‘Let Us Play With Your Look’