Success At The Box Office Is “Limitless”

This weekend, Limitless took the top spot at the box office. The psychological thriller stars Bradley Cooper, who is now recently single after the breakup with Renee Zellweger that came to light earlier this week. His week was sure up and down! In the movie (which cost about $27 million to make), Cooper’s character increases his brainpower substantially by taking a drug. Rango continues to do well in theaters, now just $7.5 million short of $100 million in total, after adding another $15.3 million to its earnings this weekend. Battle: Los Angeles didn’t have too bad of a weekend either, with $14.6 million earned this weekend.

Aside from Limitless, two more new films opened this weekend: The Lincoln Lawyer and Paul. Both had pretty weekend opening weekends, and in the case of Paul, I’m not surprised. The comedic alien movie looked ridiculous and was certainly no match for it’s other alien movie competition, Battle: Los Angeles. Unfortunately for The Lincoln Lawyer, it cost more ($40 million) to make than Limitless ($27 million) but earned much less in its opening weekend. Even worse, The Lincoln Lawyer also got better ratings. Funny how that works.

    Fri, Mar. 18 – Sun, Mar. 20

  • 1. Limitless: $19,000,000 (opening)
  • 2. Rango: $15,315,000 ($92,577,116 total)
  • 3. Battle: Los Angeles: $14,600,000 ($60,601,706 total)
  • 4. The Lincoln Lawyer: $13,400,000 (opening)
  • 5. Paul: $13,155,390 (opening)
  • 6. Red Riding Hood: $7,255,000 ($25,962,383 total)
  • 7. The Adjustment Bureau: $5,931,800 ($48,778,840 total)
  • 8. Mars Needs Moms: $5,317,000 ($15,400,814 total)
  • 9. Beastly: $3,260,000 ($22,245,465 total)
  • 10. Hall Pass: $2,600,000 ($39,589,606 total)