Lily Allen In Brisbane


I had the pleasure of going to the Riverstage in Brisbane here to attend a delicious little concert. This is the same concert that I found myself watching all of the fantastic bands at Sunset Sounds at, but this was a little different. It was a lot less crowded.

Opening electro-giant Calvin Harris started the night with a fantastic set. I had watched him briefly at the Big Day Out festival on the gold coast, but wasn’t close enough to see how much electricity the guy has on stage. Listening to some of his music, one might think that he stood there rocking back and forth back stage staring at the ceiling, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Calvin rocks when he’s live and in front of you, hopping to and from his keyboard, giving it his all into the mic, and getting you amped to dance as hard as you can. Calvin Harris’ “Ready For the Weekend” album has been a favourite of mine this year and seeing him in person was the icing.

British electro-rapper  superstar Dizzee Rascal continued the evening with a great set as well. I’m not a huge Dizzee fan but man do I bounce when “Bonkers” comes on. A few other tracks make my feet tap, but Dizzee fans truly love Dizzee and you could see that from the crowd. Him and his partner in crime on stage sure have a way of amping the kiddees up.

And amp them up they did, because by the time Ms. Allen came on stage the crowd went wild. The sun set just before the curtain dropped. A real curtain dropped though, from the ceiling onto the stage revealing a gigantic starcase which she strutted and danced her way down. She sure kept the energy up throughout her set. From “The Fear” through to “Smile” right down to “Not Fair” in her encore, she kept us laughing and singing and dancing. Lily Allen really is a real presence on stage, and anyone who’s not really such a fan as I was not myself, need only see her shake her thing into a hot sweaty mess, and drink the “water” from her bottle for an hour, ’til they really appreciate that she’s only gotten better over time. Unfortunately she announced her departure into family hood to us, saying that this will be her last tour before she settles down and pops one out. Isn’t this the chick that hates how everyone knows her bizniss all the time?

Good weather, good music, I give the whole thing a solid eight. Download yourself a little Calvin, Dizzee, and Lily, and make it a british invasion day on your iPod.