Lily Allen Wants You To Know It’s “Hard Out Here”


I absolutely adore Lily Allen. I’ve alway been a fan of hers and her thought provoking lyrics. I’m very glad to see her getting back into the game and that she’s witty as ever. She reminds me of the days when I lived in London and now that I’ve just made the big move to New York I’m glad I have a little Lily to go with it!

After a long break to focus on her personal life she’s back and wants you to know that it’s “Hard Out Here.” The video and song depict what it can be like getting back into the game after such a long break and the industry pressures that go along with it. I always enjoy her thought provoking lyrics that aren’t just senseless words like some artists. I’m excited to see what else she has coming out and look forward to a new album! Anyone else out there a big Lily fan? Let us know what your favourite song from her past is in the comments below!

Lily Allen ‘Hard Out Here’ Music Video

  • Cody

    Oh thank god, I have been craving some Lily Allen since I heard she was recording again.
    I love the new song but my all time fave would either be Smile or The fear ahahah it depends on my mood 😉

  • Dominique

    I am legit the biggest Lily Fan! I’ve bought all of her albums, was a fan since she came out with Smile. I prefer “It’s Not Me, It’s You” though, that is probably my favorite album of any Artist ever. She just never fails to impress me with her songs, lyrics and music videos. I just love her to bits! Ever since shes been on True Love i’ve been crossing fingers and waiting for new Material from her. And after i’ve listened to it three times, i actually even love the (sarcastically) autotuned Chorus and am hooked again!

  • Leon Walker

    I beg to differ! Been a mahoosive fan since before ‘smile’ came out!!!
    fave songs are, knock ’em out, Alfie, ‘nan, you’re a window shopper’, fuck you, Chinese, and she does a mean cover of naive, and up the junction!!

  • Erick23

    Love her, favorite song, fck u very much.