Hilarious ‘Likes’ Movie Trailer Tackles The Obsession With Online Validation

Oh. Em. Gee. If I could give comedians Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy an award for their best video of the year, this one would be it. It’s current, it’s dead on, and it’s hilarious.

The following video is a trailer for the (pretend) upcoming movie ‘Likes‘ about two people (Steele & Goodmurphy) obsessed with Facebook likes. They post sexy and horny shots in order to be validated by the likes, but what happens when they don’t get the response they’re seeking? How far will they go to get the online validation they so desperately need? Really far. Their worlds spiral out of control really fast and they become “Likes” junkies. The video also stars Yuzuru Yabuki, Chris Cook, and Jeff Lynch.

This isn’t the first social media related video they’ve done in 2012. Earlier this year, the two made a music video that was all about Instagram called “Instagram Me Baby.”

‘Likes’ Faux Movie Trailer

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