Lifetime To Remake “Steel Magnolias” With A Twist

The timing for this announcement couldn’t be any more perfect. Just this past weekend, I attended a wedding where the happy couple had a red velvet armadillo cake at their reception. Obvi, they were big fans of the film just like many of us. On the heels of the “Footloose” remake hitting theaters this weekend, comes news that the 1989 chick flick classic is getting the remake treatment.

It’s been over 20 years since Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Dolly Parton, Daryl Hannah and Julia Roberts tugged at our heart strings in this film about a group of Louisiana women. It provided a slew of memorable lines including my personal favorite “Drink the juice Shelby, drink the juice” and “M’Lynn, your husband is a boil on the butt of humanity.” Side note, I have a friend who uses a portion of one of those lines as his Wi-Fi password. Total nerd, right? LOL.

Lifetime is developing an updated version of “Steel Magnolias” for television with a twist. The network is remaking the classic film with an all-black cast. They’ve hired Kenny Leon to direct the television remake. His previous credits include ABC’s “A Raisin In The Sun”. Sounds like Leon is the perfect man to helm the project.

This isn’t the first time “Steel Magnolias” has tried to make its way to the small screen. Back in 1990, CBS filmed a pilot continuing the story of the women in a half-hour sitcom format. The cast featured Cindy Williams as M’Lynn, Sally Kirkland as Truvy, Elaine Stritch as Ouiser, Polly Bergen as Clairee and Sheila McCarthy as Annelle. In the end, CBS didn’t pick up the pilot.

Now with a Lifetime made-for-TV movie looking like a sure thing, it’s time to think of potential casting opportunities. I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that “The Cosby Show’s” Phylicia Rashad will somehow be involved in the project. She previously worked with Leon on the “A Raisin In The Sun” remake. Other talented actresses I’d like to see fill the iconic roles are Viola Davis (The Help), Audra McDdonald (The Practice), Jackée (227) and Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost).

What do you think of this latest remake? Who would your ideal cast be? Post all your suggestions below. As an added treat, I thought I’d embed the original movie trailer below. Production value for trailers have certainly changed over the past two decades, haven’t they?

Steel Magnolias Movie Trailer

  • R

    I think a play version of it is happening in Vancouver soon too!

  • Niecy

    Please DO NOT. The original is one of my FAVORITE MOVIES

  • trs

    if you try this, it will flop..the original needs to be left alone. come up with your own ideas. i will not watch it, just like i will not watch the remake of Footloose.

  • t.charles

    I would love to see Loretta Devine, oprah, ..Angie from all my children. Angela Bassett,Vanessa Willams. I can’t wait to see this. This is going to be a hit.