TV BackTalk: “Life Unexpected’s” Expected Unexpected Finale

After a six-week hiatus, one of my favorite CW shows “Life Unexpected” returned to the schedule. Unfortunately, it was for one night only as this was the show’s season finale. Due to low ratings for the show’s sophomore season, the episode season order wasn’t given the back nine.

Even though the network promoted and touted the two back-to-back episode as the season finale, they weren’t fooling anyone who reads any entertainment publication. Not just that, but during the holiday season, the CW released a DVD set called, “Life Unexpected: The Complete Series“. Umm, complete series??? I thought it was just a season finale??? Not!. This was the series finale and after watching the final ten minutes, there isn’t any doubt this show is dunzo.

When I first heard the network wasn’t ordering additional episodes, I didn’t think the show producers would have time to wrap up the series. It is by far my biggest pet peeve when networks cancel a show without any closure. It’s so disrespectful to the show’s (albeit small) fans. So imagine my pleasant shock on how masterfully the writers were able to wrap up the majority of the storylines within 2 hours. So here’s what went down for the main characters.

Baze: Finds out his new girlfriend had an affair with his dad thanks to Lux. Quits his job and decides to buy the bar from his dad.

Cate: Miscarries her child with Ryan. Finds out she can no longer have children. Gets her job back as on-air talent at the radio station thanks to Ryan. Discovers something monumental while at her doctors. She finds out Ryan’s ex is pregnant with his baby.

Lux: Her inappropriate relationship with her teacher is revealed, forcing Mr. Daniels to leave the school. Tasha is still in juvy, so she turns to Jones for a shoulder to cry during her heartbreak.

Final Scene: It takes place 2 years later at Lux’s high school graduation and apparently she became the valedictorian. She’s also headed off to college with her lifelong friend Tasha. Speaking of which, we see in the audience sitting with Jones. Elsewhere in the auditorium, Ryan, Cate, Baze, Matt, Ryan’s baby momma all sitting together. When Lux finishes her speech, we see what’s transpired in the past 2 years. Lux and Jones are actually a couple, so are Ryan and his baby momma. The two have a cute little baby boy. As expected, Cate and Baze are also a couple, finally giving Lux the family she was looking for when the show first started. She even called them Mom and Dad instead of Cate and Baze. So sweet. Even Matt Rogers got a little happy ending. He’s expecting a child with his new girlfriend who happens to be Cate & Ryan’s old show producer.

I absolutely loved how the producers wrapped up the show. There were some really intense scenes during it. Some critics might say, the show tied up everything neatly with a nice little bow, but I’m such a sucker for a happy ending so I didn’t care. I feel my year investment in the show was worthwhile with such a satisfying end. It was an unexpected experience for an expected ending. Hopefully the talented cast won’t be unemployed for too long. They definitely acted the shizz out of their roles.

  • rah

    I was sad to see that this show was leaving. I never paid attention to the ratings until my DISH co-worker told me that it was the last show and it wasn’t returning. I guess I will always have the reruns! Be sure to watch “Life Unexpected” with DISH and save your money rather than waste it on any other company!