Leave it to the French to come up with this innovative idea. After all, they did give the world berets, croissants and French fries 😉 Seriously though, this is probably one of the wickedest ideas ever.

Since Life of Pi is movie about a young Indian man shipwrecked in the ocean, someone came up with the brilliant idea to hold a movie screening involving water. Audience members boarded boats inside Paris’ indoor swimming pool, Piscine Pailleron, to watch the film. Wearing 3-D glasses and life preservers, Parisians immersed themselves in the spirit of the flick.

While probably not the most comfortable way to watch a movie, the unique experience would definitely make up for it. It’s like going to a drive-in with your car, except it’s a boat and you’re on water. As the movie-goers left the screening, “magnifique” and “formidable” were the consensus of the evening. Check out a few photos from the event along with a video. I’m surprised no one fell in the water. At least they didn’t show it in the clip 😉

Would you watch a movie in a boat at an indoor swimming pool? What do you think of the idea and execution of this screening? Have you seen Life of Pi? Did you like it? Sound off below.