Movie Review: Life As We Know It

I’ll admit it. I don’t seek out rom-com’s, and I’m not a connoisseur of the chick flick genre, but when I watch one that’s good, I GET that it’s good. Because really, how hard is it to write a script with such a set formula. You’d think Hollywood would have it down to a science by now. Life As We Know It proved that Hollywood does not, in fact, have the rom-com down to a science.

Katherine Heigl stars as the uptight small business owner not necessarily looking for love, and Josh Duhamel plays the jocky woman’s man always looking for….”love”….

The story goes, they have mutual couple friends (one of which is the epic Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame), and years previous they were set up on a blind date by said couple, and hated each other so much that they didn’t even make it out of the driveway. Fast forward years later and through the magic of a montage during the credits, we find that they’ve had no choice but to tolerate each other. Said couple gets into fatal car crash, and the uptight business woman and womanizing jock are left with couple’s baby girl, and a beautiful house in which they’re told to live in it and try raising the child. It has all the components to be a lovely little 90 minutes of fun.

Well first thing’s first. 90 minutes is actually 112, and it feels like 112 minutes. Secondly, the movie really has no clue what it is. I’m using the term romantic comedy for lack of any other descriptor. I think I could’ve gotten behind the plot a little more if it was, well….FUNNIER. But besides a few chuckles, it just took itself a little too seriously, was a little too wordy, and kinda sat on one level the entire time. The only real laughs were by the AMAZING supporting cast that all deserved they’re OWN movie. The group of neighbours, from the token gay couple, to a HILARIOUS performance by Melissa McCarthy as the lazy sassy neighbour stole the show. Sarah Burns KILLED it as the tell-it-as-it-is social worker. Without these people, I probably would’ve been picking my finger nails.

There was no believability in the main characters, and don’t get me wrong, I like both these actors. But I couldn’t stop asking myself basic questions, like, how did Katherine Heigl own a bakery shop and remain a size two? Or always have perfect hair raising a one year old? Or, when did either of these people find the time to have such dark lustrious tans? They styled these actors too perfectly, made them too pretty, plain and simple, and I didn’t buy that they were stressed out, or feel badly for them in any way cause they’re shirts were always ironed and bodies were always tight. The chemistry was okay. There was really no build up to them falling in love. Just suddenly BOOM they were in love, and I didn’t buy that either.

In the long run I was entertained, it ended cutely, and there’s nothing better than a good ending to make you forget the other poop. Will I curl up with Life As We Know It on a rainy day? Nah. Should you wait ’til it comes out on video? Yup.

Hit or Miss? Miss.