Liam Payne Debuts ‘Bedroom Floor’ Music Video

When Liam Payne teased Bella Thorne would be appearing in his “Bedroom Floor” music video, many assumed the 24-year-old singer would be getting hot and heavy with the Famous in Love actress. For some reason that’s not the case. Instead, a tattooed long-haired dude plays her love interest. Curious why that decision was made.

The tropical-tinged bop is reportedly about Payne’s relationship with his baby mama. It details the moment in their relationship when Cheryl Cole tried to end things shortly after they first started dating.

Bedroom Floor” is the second taste off Payne’s forthcoming debut solo album, following “Strip That Down.” That lead track took a while to rise on the charts, but eventually became a hit in several territories including cracking the Top 5 and Top 10 in the UK and US respectively. Will his latest follow suit? With this meh clip, I’m not so sure. I expected more.

Check out the music video below which finds Bella involved in a tumultuous relationship.

Liam Payne ‘Bedroom Floor’ Music Video