LMFAO Show Off Their Sexiness In New Music Video

LMFAO’s latest could be the Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy” for the new millennium. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’m not quite sure. Coincidentally enough both acts are a family act with Right Said Fred being brothers and LMFAO being uncle and nephew. “Sexy and I Know It” is the electro-hop duo’s follow up to their mega smash hit “Party Rock Anthem“. Considering Billboard.com recently cited it as the Summer Song of 2011, they definitely have a hard act to follow. With the track about to crack into iTunes’ Top 10, they’re certainly on their way.

The professional party rockers just released their latest music video. Just like their previous efforts, it’s a lot of fun. Filmed in Venice Beach, California, the clip features a few sexy cameos from Simon Rex (yummy), Wilmer Valderrama (woof) and legendary straight porn star Ron Jeremy. How he became a star is beyond me? I digress. Also making an appearance are G Shock watches. I wonder if opening up for Ke$ha, who’s a product ambassador for the brand, hooked them up with this product placement.

Considering they’re both straight, the music video looks geared towards the gays as it has the men wearing far less clothing than the women. If brightly patterned speedos are your thing, then you’re in luck. The video has plenty for you to gawk at. There’s a moment in the clip when LMFAO and their dancers dance to the lyrics, “wiggle-wiggle-wiggle“. I wonder if this dance move will sweep the nation. Can you imagine what choreography they’ll think of if they decide to release “Put That Ass To Work” as their next single? I shudder at the thought. LOL.

After a couple of watches, I admit the song has grown on me. Curse you LMFAO. They certainly have the ability to create a catchy hook and deliver hard beats that just make you wanna dance. I definitely give these guys credit for not being a one-hit wonder after “I’m in Miami Bitch“. What are your thoughts on the new visual? Yay or nay? Post your comments below.

  • Rob

    I hate that I’m getting turned on by this.

  • helen

    hey i love that song

  • Marty

    I’m too sexy for………, crossed with Put your hands up for Detroit. But I am glad they did it.

  • safeef