Giddy up! Logo star Levi Crocker may be on the “A-List” when it comes to the gay life in Dallas. But now, Levi is finding himself on another list: Celebrities with their naked photos on Guys With iPhones. Yes sir, Mr. Crocker displayed his birthday suit for everyone to check out. What was intended to be a Grindr photo to a potential hook-up turned out to be a gay viral internet smash. Oops!

Now some of you may have already seen the photo as it surfaced on the net a couple of weeks ago. But hey, what’s Homorazzi good for if we can show you the goods?

If you don’t know much about Levi, let me fill you in. Crocker was a big time rodeo cowboy who unfortunately had to sideline his career when injury struck. He began working for Inchwear, a line that designs clothing for humorous and self-confident men so that they can promote and show-off the best aspect of their manhood. Now, Levi helps run his family ranch and is developing a new line of swimwear for gay and metrosexuals under the Inchwear name. Looks like Levi forgot to put his on before he took this shot. Check out the photo of Levi below.

For the full NSFW photo, CLICK HERE.