Two Must-See ‘Let’s Have A Kai Kai’ Scissor Sisters Parodies

Well apparently September 4th was the day of the KAI KAI! If you don’t know what a Kai Kai is…well we’ll get to that in a second.

After the hugely successful gay anthem of 2012 “Let’s Have a Kiki” was released, everyone and their dog has done a cover or a parody of it. I myself am not really one for parodies but after I heard/saw these two I starting to rethink my position on them. The first is done by parody legend Lady Bunny who stars on RuPaul’s Drag U and is the founder of Wigstock.

The second, and my favorite parody probably ever features Drag Race star Willam and one of my absolutely all time FAVORITE queens Rhea Litre. Seriously, if you don’t know Rhea you need to get into it #aweyeah. I have no idea WHY she hasn’t cast on Drag Race yet but this bitch is TALENTED! The pairing of Willam and Rhea is pretty genius I must say.  Also featured in this video is Chi Chi Larue and I BELIEVE Hector Xtravaganza…I’m almost 100% certain. Its incredible and definitely my favourite parody of the song.

BUT WHAT IS A KAI KAI you’re still asking…well I’ll let the videos show you. ENJOY!

“Let’s Have a Kai Kai!” – Lady Bunny & Bianca Del Rio

“Let’s Have a Kai Kai!” – Willam & Rhea Litré

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  • Isabelle

    I love me some Willam! That was alot of fun, I didnt know Rhea until right now and holy cow she is beautiful, would love to see her on drag race

  • RHEA is everything. I live for her.

  • Ryan

    Willam & Rhea Litré’s video was great. Lady Bunny..or whatever was an epic fail.

  • Anthony

    Loved them… But damn can nothing cover Willam’s stubble?