Universal Studios just released a brand new international trailer for their Oscar hopeful, Les Miserables. Based on the resounding standing ovation the film received at its first screening in New York on Friday, it’s looking like an Oscar frontrunner. Most notably in the Best Director and Best Supporting Actress categories. What a relief that must be for Tom Hopper who reportedly finished the final cut of the film at 2am Friday morning, just hours before its debut.

Attendees made it known via Twitter that Anne Hathaway was breathtakingly flawless performing “I Dreamed a Dream“. Looks like losing weight and chopping her hair is going to pay off. The Academy is a sucker for pretty actresses who ‘go ugly‘ for movie roles.

If Les Miserables ends up winning Best Picture, it’ll be Universal Studios first film to take home the big prize since 2001’s A Beautiful Mind and the first musical since 2002’s Chicago. Along with Hathaway, Hugh Jackman’s performance was heralded as well. The film also had strong showings from Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfried and British actress Samantha Barks who reportedly almost stole the show. If there was a weak link, it was, not surprisingly, Russell Crowe. When I first heard he was cast in the role as Inspector Javert, I immediately thought “huge casting fail“. Check out the new international trailer below.

Les Miserables New Movie Trailer

Are you looking forward to Les Miserables? Will you watch it on Christmas Day when it opens? Do you think Anne Hathaway will walk away with an Oscar statue come February 24, 2013? Sound off below.