Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Win Breaks Twitter Record


Sorry Ellen DeGeneres, there’s a new Twitter queen in town. Or should I say king.

After being the bridesmaid several times, Leonardo DiCaprio snagged his first ever Academy Award. His long-overdue coronation had the Twitterverse working overdrive.

Reportedly, his win generated an insane 440,000 Tweets per minute, shattering the previous record. Ellen DeGeneres’ infamous star-studded selfie from the 2014 ceremony held the previous benchmark of 255,000 Tweets per minute. Find out Oscar’s second and third most tweeted moments below.

Spotlight taking home Best Picture was the 88th Academy Awards’ second most tweeted moment, while Mad Max: Fury Road winning its sixth statue was the third most. I’m a little surprised that Lady Gaga’s emotional performance or Chris Rock’s monologue didn’t crack the Top 3, nor did that WTF appearance by Stacy Dash. How weird was that?


    The Brian! Stumbled upon you! What great fun your posts are! Empire yes. Naomi no. Six months? Naughty! Clever man. NEVER cease and desist. Homorazi? Very much wannabes!

  • Frederick Larón

    Poor Leo… First it takes him six tries to win an Oscar, then he can’t even get his name spelled right in the title of this post lol