Leona Lewis Responds To “Collide” Plagiarism Claims

Last week, I introduced you to the newest single from The X Factor winner Leona Lewis. Her new single Collide hadn’t been on British radio for longer than a minute when record label Ministry of Sound called her out for being an outright thief. The song she stole from? New label signee, Avicii’s track, Penguin.

While many stated that Avicii was credited as a “co-producer” on the track, the truth was that Avicii had not heard the track until the day it was released. He didn’t even have a chance to make it better for Leona at all. Most of the production credit went to Sandy Vee who is also responsible for the hit Only Girl In The World. Now, Leona is finally speaking out about the allegations made against her and her new single.

“With regards to my song, avicii was aware & agreeing publishing splits for himself and his manager,” Lewis tweeted today. “When avicii sent his track out to have a song written over it I totally fell in love with this version and i think he’s super talented.”

That’s an interesting statement considering that Avicii himself tweeted the day of the release that this was the first time he was hearing the song. Well, as I’ve always been told, there are three sides to every story. Leona’s, Avicii’s and then the truth in the middle. Avicii’s camp doesn’t want to take credit for Leona’s melody by any means but they just want credit where credit is due for the rest of the track. Apparently, there will be a full statement coming from Ministry of Sound soon. I can’t wait to hear it.