First Listen: Leona Lewis’ New Single “Happy”


It’s been almost two years since “Bleeding Love” first hit the airwaves and became a worldwide phenomenon. Leona Lewis is back and hoping that lighting strikes twice. A few days ago, Leona’s lead-off single “Happy” from her forthcoming album “Echo” surfaced on the internet. She has re-teamed with her “Bleeding Love” collaborators, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) and Evan Bogart in hopes of having another huge hit. Though the title of the new track is “Happy”, the downtrodden lyrics co-penned by Lewis are anything but that. The tune at first listen has a sense of familiarity which is quite reminiscent of her gigantic hit “Bleeding Love”, but after a few listen it stands on it’s own merits. Ryan Tedder acknowledges that comparisons are bound to happen and has been quoted in saying,

“My goal when I started working on Leona’s new album was to ‘NOT’ chase or be influenced by any of her previous hits- or any songs I’ve ever done with anyone else- including ‘Bleeding Love’. True artists do not look back to previous successes they look forward to creating new moments and songs the world can connect with in a different way. And that is what Leona has done with ‘Happy’. I hope u like it as much as we do, and I hope the lyrics hit u as hard as they hit me.”

Maybe it was Ryan Tedder recent public battle with Kelly Clarkson that made him give the above statement about comparisons. Clarkson accused Tedder of providing Beyonce and her with the same track which they both used on their most recent albums. Thankfully, both ladies have had success with “Halo” and “Already Gone” and the controversy died. I’m glad no one ever had to choose sides. Trying to decide between Team Beyonce and Team Kelly would have been like Sophie’s Choice.

There has been such huge interest on what tracks were going to make her album that the 24-year old songstress became a victim of one of the highest profile hacking case the music industry has ever seen. Last month, hackers were able to tap into her record label and steal three of her unreleased songs and leaking them online. One of the tracks for her upcoming album was produced by pop star and sometimes actor, Justin Timberlake. Luckily, her record label was able to remove the links to the stolen tracks before they really spread on the internet and promised they would be pressing charges against the culprits.

Expect to see Leona Lewis perform “Happy” when she hits the stage on September 17th for VH1’s recently resurrected Diva’s Concert series. The event will be hosted by former Idol judge, Paula Abdul. It’s good to see Paula getting off her unemployment ass and working again- bitch has got to get her bills paid. The single can be purchased on iTunes starting on September 15th while Lewis’ sophomore effort will hit stores November 17th just in time for the holiday season. Joyeux Noel.

Leona Lewis: Happy

What did you think? Is it going to be a hit or will Leona suffer the sophomore slump? Weigh in with your comments.

  • bruin

    bleeding love was better but i like this one too.