Leona Lewis Hops On Hellberg’s New Single ‘Headlights’

To say Leona Lewis is underappreciated would be an understatement. It’s baffling the 33-year-old singer isn’t bigger than she is despite delivering some solid stuff since her “Bleeding Love” glory days. Personally, I love me some Leona. Ergo this post.

Lewis features on “Headlights” from rising Swedish producer Hellberg. The pop-dance track is electric, energetic and euphoric. Not surprisingly, I love it. What can I say, I’m loyal.

“I’ve been working on Headlights for over a year now and I’m so excited to finally be able to release it with the amazing Leona Lewis. She’s been the most gracious and professional artist I’ve worked with and getting to know her these last few months has been amazing.” Hellberg continues, “The record is about independence and finding the strength to break free from a bad relationship. If it can make someone out there say “enough is enough” and help them change their life for the better, then I’d be incredibly happy.”

Sadly, Leona doesn’t appear in the accompanying visual directed by Frank Borin. Still, it’s worth a watch. Lewis sounds great and Hellberg is kinda cute 😉

Leona Lewis & Hellberg ‘Headlights’ Music Video