Leona Lewis Returns With ‘Fire Under My Feet’


Leona Lewis first teased “Fire (Under My Feet)” months ago. At long last, the 30-year-old singer debuts the full version. The track is the lead single off the X Factor winner’s forthcoming fifth studio album, I Am.

“Fire (Under My Feet)” is a soulful gospel-tinged track very reminiscent of Adele during her 21 era, specifically “Rolling In The Deep.” It’s quite good actually.

The accompanying clip is, however, on the simplistic side and a bit underwhelming. The Declan Whitebloom-directed vid features Leona singing in a studio while different individuals march to the proverbial beat of their own drum. Watch it below.

Leona Lewis ‘Fire Under My Fee’ Music Video

  • Radar

    OMG I want Willie Gomez on a cracker :P”’ pure SEX

  • belladonnamadon

    OMG My Man is winning! Lol WILLIE GOMEZ is HOT DAMN! Lol & Speaking of Hot Latin Guys – I loved the new episode of HBO gay show #LOOKING it was so good. lol I was hating it 4like the last 3weeks & thought it was going 2b hot mess but its getting good. ?

  • jdh89

    I know Chase, and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I voted for Willie, but he needs a new haircut. He looks much better in the pic where his head is shaved fairly close.

  • V

    What a fuck is this? All they are straight, and this is an offense.

  • Andy


  • R

    Except for Gomez, the rest of the POCs are at the bottom… typical white male demographic.

  • marrrgaret92

    Guys, just remember that looking at someone/ someone’s body parts lustfully is a sin

  • B.S

    Willie Gomez, hands down. fan of him since TCSBS

  • B.S

    WHAT? Chase is the only straight male dancer she has

  • Jake Galardi Marko

    Chse Benz for sure #godmode

  • chyrel

    chase benz.. grrrr

  • J Russell

    Oh I so Ditto your “#godmode” Jake….great idea! Oh and not to be left out of the lme light…Ur pretty handsome yourself! Thanks for the nice photo to look at, I appreciate it. Later my new friend. JRl

  • J Russell

    Oh man NOT again…..I just got off restriction….LOL
    Ltl Jonnys at it again…bawaaahaaaaa

  • J Russell

    Ohhh Bell….hang on I’m cummiing witha new pair of underware for you…lol You are so right about “Looking” fantastic I thought. Take care buddy JR.

  • J Russell

    Radar, U do know that “everthing” taste better on a RITZ…lol JR.