Equality California is hosting its second Swim For Equality on September 24th in Malibu. Today (September 3rd), they’re kicking off the event with a “Get Wet” pool party in Palm Springs. Because I can’t be there (and I’m guessing you can’t either) I thought we could enjoy some swimmer eye candy on our own.

Among the supporters and participants is Olympic gold medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg who I’ve chosen to be this week’s Sports Stud. The 35 year old American swimmer swam in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics and won a total 4 Olympic gold medals. Impressive!

Krayzelburn, of Russian and Ukrainian decent, is known as one of the physically strongest swimmers around, as well as for his powerful arm strokes. You can actually see the different in his body, in comparison to a lot of other “swimmer’s builds”. He was voted as USA swimmer of the year between 1997–2000, which is also a very impressive accomplishment. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s what Krayzelburg said about GLBT equality at last year’s Swim For Equality:

“I’ve long found it unfortunate that so many gays and lesbians feel uncomfortable coming out in elite swimming and professional sports. I think Equality California’s Swim for Equality gives the sport of swimming a fun, fantastic way to stand up for equality. I look at everyone, no matter what their sexual orientation, as equal, and the law should do the same. I applaud and support all of Equality California’s work on behalf of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, including marriage equality.”

Look at that chest! Beefy!!!

Damn! Who wants to be his towel boy?

He takes some great modelling shots too!

My favorite feature is his chest for sure. It’s a change from all the soccer players I’ve been featuring with their beefy legs.