In the following video, Girls star & creator, Lena Dunham talks about losing her virginity… her voting virginity, that is. That’s right, the American election is coming up and she emphasizes the importance of casting your vote and in particular casting your vote for Barack Obama.

“My first time voting as amazing. It was this line in the sand: before I was a girl, now I was a woman.” When she discusses the type of guy you should or shouldn’t do it with, she explains, “You don’t want a guy who says, ‘Oh hey, I’m at the library studying,’ when really he’s out not signing the Lilly Ledbetter act. Or thinks that gay people should never have beautiful, complicated weddings like the kind we see on Bravo or TLC all the time.” Quite obviously, she is talking about the first time voting for a president and not your first time having sex.

Watch the video below but most importantly, if you’re in the U.S., VOTE!.

Lena Dunham: Your First Time