When Blair Waldorf Met Dr. House…

Can you picture “Gossip Girl’s” Leighton Meester doing the nasty with Hugh Laurie from “House”? I certainly didn’t, until I saw the following clip. The two television actors co-star in an upcoming romantic comedy where they play an unlikely couple. Not only is the 53-year-old Laurie double Meester’s 26 years, but they’re also neighbors.

The Oranges” follows the story of a young woman who recently breaks up with her fiance. Her parents played by the hilarious duo of Oliver Platt and Allison Janney hope their daughter falls in love with their best friend’s son Toby Walling (Adam Brody). Leighton does rebound with her parents’ neighbor, but instead it’s with the father played by Laurie than with Brody. Can someone say awkward? Rounding out the cast are Catherine Keener and Alia Shawkat who play Laurie’s wife and daughter respectively. Check out the trailer below.

The Oranges Movie Trailer

What do you think? It looks charming enough. I’ll definitely check out the screening in the fall and let you know my thoughts. “The Oranges” was first screened at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. It finally hits theaters in a limited run capacity starting on October 5, 2012.

  • Emily

    You have to watch the clip of House where Leighton plays a blonde girl who thinks she’s in love with him!!! Very very hot. I thought, from the title, that for sure you had stumbled upon a clip from that episode =)