Lea Michele Reveals Best & Worst ‘Glee’ Numbers & Talks Heather Morris’ Shocking DWTS Exit

Ryan Murphy previously namedGangnam Style” by PSY as the musical performance he regretted most doing on the show. Turns out, Lea Michele has another number in mind.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, the 30-year-old entertainer revealed her least and most favorite performances during her time on Glee. Can’t say that I’m too surprised by her choices.

“I think the worst was the ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ song, it was an Internet sensation song that we did with puppets, that was definitely my least favorite song we ever did. And I think the best was probably ‘Somebody to Love’ or’ Don’t Stop Believin.’ But ‘Gangnam Style’ was also probably a low point,” Lea told host Andy Cohen.

During her visit, Michele also shared her thoughts on her former Glee costar Heather Morris’ shocking elimination from Dancing With the Stars this week.

“First of all, that was ridiculous because the reality is that Heather already won Dancing With the Stars,” Michele, 30, said. “I don’t know if you watched Glee, but she’s, like, the best dancer in the entire world, so she certainly should have won.”

“We were all really sad, but I think she’s incredible,” Michele added. “She’s a mom of two, she’s gorgeous and she’s in her element, back dancing. So, I think it was an incredible thing, win or lose.”

Relive her ‘least’ favorite Glee performance below. Hate to admit it, but I jumped on the fox bandwagon back in the day. Dare I say, I still kinda like it 😉

Glee ‘What Does The Fox Say’