Lea Michele’s Cannonball Gets The Dance Treatment


In the grand tradition of ballads getting a club makeover, Lea Michele’s debut single, “Cannonball,” follows suit. After all, you can’t be a diva unless you have a dance anthem under your belt. The Glee actress enlists none other than Dave Aude to ramp up the BPM for a bumping dance remix. Michele’s soaring vocals really lend themselves for a club banger.

It’s not my favorite remix by Aude, but at least it’s something nightlife establishments can play this weekend to lure gays to burn up the dance floor. Check it out below and weigh in afterward.

Lea Michele ‘Cannonball’ Dave Aude Remix

  • Luvstoread

    Zzzzzz… Love the song; the remix is horrible. The beat is too slow!!

  • Glenn Gore

    WAY too much Autotune!

  • EvChemical

    I was already over this song after 2 listens, but remixed, I see potential. It works much better with a faster tempo

  • _lit

    The only way I could listen to this song is with Aude’s treatment

  • David

    Aude’s Remix saves the day. The original is okay. It’s undeniable that Lea has chops but this takes Cannonball to a whole new level; where it was meant to be.