Are book deals the new record deals? Apparently so with regards to the Glee cast. When the FOX show became a breakout hit, I fully expected to be inundated with individual albums from most of the cast. Not so much. With only a couple of exceptions like Matthew Morrison and Mark Saling, the cast haven’t delved into the record industry independently from the show.

On the literary front, Chris Colfer published a best-selling fantasy novel with another one on the way. Jenna Ushkowitz just released her first novel Choosing Glee earlier this month. Jane Lynch has also penned her own book, Happy Accidents. Find out the latest Glee cast member to become a published author below.

If you guessed Lea Michele, clearly you’re a psychic or read about it elsewhere. The 26-year-old actress inked a deal with Harmony Books to release Brunette Ambition tentatively scheduled for Spring 2014. Her novel will be “part memoir, part how-to, and part style-guide” and will include, “never-before-seen photos, fitness tips, and “career insights.” Michele revealed more about her new venture in the following statement.

“There wasn’t a guidebook when I was growing up that detailed everything I would need to do, and know, to get where I am today,” Michele says . “But I believe I can write one of sorts: Not a how-to-make-it-in-show-business book, but a guide to harnessing tenacity, passion, enthusiasm, and hard work to make your dreams come true.”

Sounds like something her alter ego Rachel Berry would write, don’t you think? Which Glee actor do you predict will be next to ink a book deal? Have you read any of the other published works by Colfer, Lynch or Ushkowitz? Sound off below.