If there is any justice, Lazaro Arbos will be p-p-packing his bags tonight. Stuttering joke… too soon? If last night’s dismal performance wasn’t enough to convince you he needs to go home, the Burt Bacharach medley group performance tonight was damning evidence. Once again he forgot his words and was off key. I’m not sure why Candice and Amber were forced to duet with each other. Each lady certainly deserved their own solo.

Quick question. Is anyone missing the cheesy Ford commercials? Is it wrong that I kinda miss them even though I used to bitch about them. That said, there was this fun bit with the Top 6 playing car soccer with their Ford Fiestas? I totally want to do that.

Keeping the season-long theme of bringing Idols back, Scotty McCreery and Kelly Clarkson returned to their old stomping grounds. McCreery sang his new song “See You Tonight” and looked mighty fine doing it. Country crooner has been hitting the gym, hardcore. Clarkson incorporated some glow-in-the-dark fashion to sing “People Like Us.” After her performance, an adorably awkward exchange took place between Mariah and Kelly. Who else thinks the two should get a reality show of their own? I’d watch it 😉 Without further delay, let’s get to the results.

Scotty McCreery “See You Tonight”

Kelly Clarkson “People Like Us”

Ryan Seacrest begins revealing the results by pairing up the Top 6. Angie Miller and Janelle Arthur are placed at the far end of the stage. Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are on the other side, with Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holcomb in the middle. Seacrest informs us that one pair is the Top 2, and another is the Bottom 2. OMG, I’m so afraid for my girl Amber right now.

After the break, Ryan reveals Candice and Kree are the Top 2. Not surprising there. And as feared, Lazaro and Amber are the Bottom 2, making Janelle and Angie safe. In all honesty, Janelle should be with Lazaro instead of Amber. I digress. The show goes on a commercial break, but keeps the cameras rolling. I love how you can still see all the action in a picture-in-picture effect while the commercials run. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS.

After the break, the bottom vote-getter and risk of going home is… Lazaro. PRAISE JESUS. I honestly thought he’d outlast one of the girls. The Miami ice cream scooper belts out “Feeling Good” as his survival song. Obviously, there is no chance in hell the judges are going to use their save. With him now gone, I wonder if they’ll use it next week on any of the girls.

Are you happy that Lazaro is gone? At long last, American Idol finally has another female winner, but which one? Who do you think is going to take it? Sound off below.