The lady behind Lady Gaga’s choreography, Laurie Ann Gibson, has just landed a Ryan Seacrest produced reality/documentary show on my new favorite network, E!. You may also recognize her as one of the judges on Skating With The Stars (but probably not…because no one watched that show…except Tyrell…and as a result, yours truly). The show is called “The Dance Scene“.

The series, which debuts on April 10th, will consist of eight half-hour episodes that follow Gibson as she trains dancers & assistant choreographers to work with big stars. Lisa Berger, executive vice president of E! programming talks about the show:

“The competitive world of the professional dancer is grueling creative work. Watching Laurieann mentor these young artists, who will do anything to make it in the business, gives us a glimpse into a world where the pursuit of success and excellence outweighs all else.”

In addition to Gaga, Gibson has worked with Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Dixie Chicks, Clay Aiken, Brandy, Beyonce, The Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks, and and many more familiar names. Ryan Seacrest explains:

“Dance is at the center of pop culture — today more than ever — and Laurieann is an amazing force accelerating this huge wave of creativity. This series gives audiences an insider’s view of how competitive the dance world is, the talent and ambition that a dancer needs to be successful in the Hollywood scene, and the drama that ensues along the way.”

He’s right about dance being at the center of pop culture. Think about all the shows we watch: So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, Dancing With The Stars, Live To Dance… And when we’re not watching TV, we’re playing X-Box Kinect’s “Dance Central,” or Wii’s “Just Dance,” among many others. E! was smart to create show like this.