Lauren Jauregui Debuts Sensual ‘More Than That’ Music Video

If you enjoy watching dancers grinding up on stripper poles, then Lauren Jauregui’s latest offering will satisfy all your needs.

Her official debut solo single “Expectations” surprised many Harmonizers. It showcased a different side of Jauregui with its moody soulful bluesy vibe. The 22-year-old singer returns to her former group’s signature urban pop beats for her new offering produced by Murda Beatz and Charlie Handsome.

“You gon’ have to come stronger than this liquor / Wanna take me home, better be more convincing / It’ll take more than that to get to me,” Lauren sings on the provocative track.

Check out the music video below directed by Lauren Dunn. The vignettes where she’s a painting come to life are my favorite. I could do without all that hoochie cliché imagery.

Lauren Jauregui ‘More Than That’ Music Video