Lauren Conrad & Whitney Return For Finale

Don’t get too excited yet. Yes, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are reuniting with their former “The Hills” frenemies, but only for “The After Show“. Boo. You never know though… that could all change. Hills fans have been waiting for months and wondering if Conrad would step in front of the MTV reality cameras one more time. A rep for the show confirmed to MTV News that LC and Whit would be making an appearance on the live show after the series finale.

Hills producer and creator Adam DiVello first broke the news on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Tuesday. He confirmed the duo plus the entire cast will be on hand to bid adieu to the show.

“It will be a big party,” he added. “We have some stories being paid off in the finale that I think the viewers will find pretty exciting. Everybody’s coming at peace with the stories we’ve been following. I think a few of them definitely found happiness and found what they were looking for.”

“It will be an exciting ending,” DiVello promised. “We definitely have a couple of surprises up our sleeve that the cast don’t even know about!”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds promising that Miss Lauren will pop up on the actual show. Now that Conrad is confirmed on “The After Show”, the chances she makes a surprise appearance on the finale seems more likely. Not only are are fans hoping she does, but her Hills castmates are also. Here’s what Audrina & Kristin told media earlier this year.

“With her coming back, it’ll be like our older sister coming back and giving us advice,” Patridge said. “It would be fun. It would be nice to have her come back.” – Audrina

“The last episode, she comes back, and we all kind of rekindle and, you know, spend our last moment together before it’s all over. I think it would be amazing if she came back. I think it would be great.” – Kristin

Once the news broke out, Whitney couldn’t contain her excitement. She tweeted:

“So excited to reunite with all the hillsies!”

Hopefully her appearance on “The After Show” will either confirm or squash the cancellations rumors of “The City“. PS. How awesome was last night’s episode? I’m never really on Roxy’s side, but last night was definitely not her fault. I think Whit tooks some crazy bitchy pills. She totally overreacted towards Roxy. As noted by Kelly Cutrone, Miss Port is definitely toughening up and growing a pair.

  • As soon as I read the title, my jaw dropped with excitement…then the first line was “Don’t get too excited yet.” haha. Does sound promising that she’ll be in the actual episode though.