LC-You Later!


Immediately following tonight’s episode of The Hills, Homorazzi is going to be LIVE on Skype for MTV’s “The Aftershow” again, for their Season Finale. The star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad (LC) will be in the studio so we’re hoping we’ll get to talk to her briefly while on the air. Next week is the season finale of the actual show, after which LC will not be returning next season.  She wants to pursue a more private life, considering she is now dating an actor that isn’t part of the cast and that she has basically been living a reality show since she was in senior year. 

The Hills was a spinoff of Laguna Beach, where the cast were in their final years of high school. The show was such a hit that they created another series based on Lauren moving to LA to pursue an education in Fashion.  In season one of Laguna Beach, Lauren was the narrator to the show. In season two, Kristin Cavallari took over as the narrator, making the show from her perspective.  Her and Lauren never got along in high school – Kristin was kind of a biotch. With Kristin Cavallari now joining the cast of The Hills as Lauren leaves, it is speculated that Kristin will take over as the narrator to the show, making The Hills now from her perspective.  

On a show that thrives on drama, adding Kristin Cavallari to The Hills is going to shake things up quite a bit. My guess is since she knew Heidi in high school she will be introduced to the show through her.  Considering we did see her at the wedding which is the season finally this year.  And…guess who caught the bouquet.  You guessed it – Kristin.  Staged much?  Oh right, it’s The Hills, what am I thinking.  
Some people watch soap operas, WWF, even Paradise Island.  The Hills is obviously one of my guilty pleasures.  There I said it.

Heidi and Spencer’s wedding is the season finale airing next week, of which we witnessed the bouquet throwing first hand down in Pasadena about a month back when it was filmed outside of the church.  Here is the article / video for our Speidi experience, as well as our Skype conversation on MTV The Aftershow.

  • I am utterly speachless… Not one, but two aftershows. And a Lauren Conrad too!!

    You lucky, lucky bastards.