First off, sorry for that abortion of a title: best friend Patrick is the pun-er of the group so I’m left with consonance and desperate ploys for attention haha, bear with me. That said, while my lackadaisical word play leaves a lot to be desired, I most definitely have an opinion on this week’s premiere of Last Resort. A strong B+!!

The pilot was early leaked for those with torrents on their tips and in the know and it was most def worth the watch! Airing Thursdays at 8PM on ABC (quite the strong spot though typically one seen by comedies) this hour long modern look at a possible all out nuclear war put forth a bold first episode as shows across the board attempt to grab our attention and get us returning the following week. Donovan has already given a pre-describer of the show in his Fall Line TV Preview article so I’ll super summarize and just say it concerns the crew of a huge naval sub with all the missiles needed to hold the world for ransom and that’s just what they do as their own loved ones and government seem to want them dead. Okay, spoiler over, read on to find out just how sexy Scott Speedman is and who my fave female pic goes to- oh, and of course read my bitchiness about the numerous errors that kept these kids from an A grade.

First off, this show is not realistic in the least. Without giving away too much, the conspiracy theory notion that that top level government officials are trying to take over the world from within the White House/Pentagon without anyone catching them except by accident is kinda ridiculous. However, it’s required I suppose, to withhold complete realism to enjoy most shows these days so okay: I’ll let this one slide. Next, the constant insubordination does NOT seem accurate for my concept of what a naval ship would be like. That’s the only way the army et al works and it’s what I would argue is the most disgusting thing about the institution: the de-humanization and brain washing seems to be missing here and I don’t think that’s totally on the nose. Again, oh well.

What DID go well was two of the sexiest actors out there right now: Scott Speedman of Underworld and Felicity fame and Dichen Lachman of “Dollhouse” who couldn’t be prettier if she tried. Their parts are slightly both underplayed by the actual actors (not just models put in costumes) and I appreciate what they bring to the screen. The secondary protagonist Andre Braugher is definitely the take away from this episode however as he stands up for what he believes in at every turn and in the most confident, presidential and sexy of ways. His “YouTube video” (not really, but watch the ep and you’ll get what I’m referring to) is terrifying and the highlight of the show, setting the premise up perfectly without be too heavy handed for the rest of the season. I loved it.

The show isn’t perfect and needs to keep the lies and twists coming. I just hope some reality is slightly injected into this puppy to keep it appealing in a “shit, could this actually happen” kind of way. But hey, that’s just me. Let me know below what you thought!