Las Vegas Gays It Up In New Ads

The city of Las Vegas has a tendency to go through an image overhaul every few years. Back in the day, it was the playground for Hollywood’s Rat Pack. Then it became Sin City before going through an odd phase of being a giant family friendly amusement park. Just a few years ago, it became the stomping ground for 20-something party goers looking for a weekend full of drinking and other debaucherous activities. Now it appears it’s time for the gays and lesbians to take over.

We’re fabulous for a reason.

“Vegas has always been one of the world’s top destinations for LGBT travelers and now it’s more fabulous than ever. Imagine an entire city rolling out the purple carpet for a 24/7 celebration of the LGBT community. From summer pool parties to exclusive club nights with world-renowned DJs, the electricity is nothing short of fabulous. You know Las Vegas as a city where anything can happen. Now experience all that “anything” for yourself.” –

In a new marketing campaign commissioned by the Las Vegas tourism authority LVCVA, a series of new posters have been created to entice gay travelers and more importantly their disposable income to the Strip. With the tagline, “Everyone’s welcome, even straight people“, the ads have a straight couple (their facial reactions are hilarious) surrounded by a herd of either gays or lesbians. My favorite one doesn’t showcase any people but rather features a station wagon complete with wood paneling in between luxury cars presumably owned by fashionable gays. LOL. Check them all out below.

Personally, I love Las Vegas. I’ve gone a couple of times in the past couple of years and had a blast each time. Truth be told, I barely survived each weekend from all the fun I had. A few of us are already planning a trip this summer to celebrate a certain writer’s 30th birthday. Can’t wait. To book your Las Vegas vacation, head over to

  • Chris

    Roll on October / November when I finally get to travel stateside!! In Vegas for the last 3 nights of the trip and this is making me look forwards to it even more 😀