Las Vegas District Attorney Busted! How’s That For Irony.

Cue Alanis Morrissette’s “Ironic“. It’s such a fitting song for this twist of fate. The Las Vegas Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted both Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton for cocaine possession was arrested himself on Saturday night for, ironically enough, possession of cocaine. WOW, that must blow, literally. David Schubert was booked and later released from the Clark County Detention Center. I wonder if he’ll be allowed to prosecute himself. LOL.

Both Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton were busted on two separate incidents for drug possession in Sin City back in September 2010. Schubert prosecuted the two cases which saw both celebrities plead guilty and handed relatively light sentences. Mars paid a fine, assigned to community hours and mandatory drug counseling sessions, something very similar to what Paris received. She also was sentenced to a fine and community hours, 200 to be exact. In addition, she was warned that if she was arrested for anything else in the next year, she would automatically spend a year in jail.

No comments or statements by David Schubert or his office has been issued yet, but I expect something in the next day or so. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of sentence the city employee receives for his transgression. Will he be treated more or less severely based on his position? Somewhere out there, both Paris and Bruno are giving each other a virtual high-five.