Hey Saved By The Bell fans – this post is for you. I recently came across an interview courtesy of The Yo Show which host and comedian Michael Yo where he interviewed the famous Lisa Turtle – cough – I mean Lark Voorhies. It’s hard to believe but, it’s almost been two decades since the show went off the air.

So, where is Lark hanging her hat these days? In the interview, Lark chats with Michael Yo about her production company and the new film she just executive produced, wrote, directed and starred in titled “Hope For Pandora’s Box.” But quickly, Yo sends the conversation in the direction we all know her from.

Michael takes Lisa back to the early days of “Saved By The Bell” and asks her about it’s early beginnings with the Disney Channel before NBC quickly bought the rights in the quick rise to popularity. They talk favorite episodes and address the rumors that she was dating/dated co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar. One thing you will notice in the interview right way is that Lark Voorhies appearance has drastically changed. Wearing a lipstick that I can only describe as matching her hair color, Lark has come a long way from being the fresh-faced Lisa Turtle well knew and loved. However, her personality hasn’t changed a bit and she even hints a little bit that a “Saved By The Bell” reunion could be in the works. Oh god, I really hope so!