Sports Stud: Lance Parker

After having just announced the winner of the 2011 Sports Stud Showdown, I’m ready to commence 2012 with the first featured athlete for this year. The first Sports Stud for 2012 is the sexy 26 year old soccer player (and model), Lance Parker. He is an American soccer player, but is currently playing for FC Edmonton in the North American Soccer League. As evident by the picture above, Parker (who stands 6′ 4″), plays goalkeeper for his team. Here’s the unfortunate part: In February of last year, Parker he had signed to play with Edmonton, but he only played four games for the club before breaking his arm while playing against the Carolina RailHawks in June 10. That being said, he is under contract with FC Edmonton for the 2012 season.

Aside from his career on the field, Parker is incredible model material and he seems to be using the gifts God gave him (and that I’m sure he works hard at maintaining). He recently did a photo shoot with Fantasticsmag with talented photographer Scott Teitler and the photos are hot, hot, hot. He has that “All American” look and has the perfect physique. Enjoy the photos below!

Grr, his chest hair is sexy. Also, amazing eyes!

Looks like he needs a little help getting undressed. Any takers?

See what I mean about his body?

Looks like he’s ready for bed…

Aha! I know all your eyes went to the bottom left region of the image 😉

Woof – hello there, bicep!

And we wrap up with a sexy VPL.

Hope you enjoyed my selection for the first Sports Stud feature for 2012

  • Kurt

    This guy is ridiculously sexy.

  • Greg

    You have 11½ months but good luck trying to find someone hotter than him!

  • Alex

    Definitely a great first choice. Made me comment for the first time on this site 😉

    BTW If you need a man crush suggestion, I think you should look up Kirk Norcross who’s on celeb Big Brother UK right now. He is SMOKIN

  • lordy

    photos #1 and #2…woof!

  • John

    and thankfully, he is not waxed and polished to blend in with the scenery!

  • RobHH

    He is definitely very hot and very sexy