Where have I been? Clearly I was missing out by not watching TBS’ Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. This week’s Man Crush starred in the show for eight seasons. Did you know the comedy-drama aired more episodes (254 in total) than any another television series with a predominantly African-American cast? It beat out The Jeffersons (253 episodes), Family Matters (215 episodes) and The Cosby Show (202 episodes). Shocking right?

Meet Lance Gross, a 31-year-old actor hailing from Oakland, California. This sexy stud holds a Bachelor of Arts in theater from Howard University. Gross made his television debut with a guest starring spot on Eve’s self-titled sitcom on the UPN. Since then he’s become a favorite of Tyler Perry, starring in a couple of his movies. I don’t blame Perry for casting him often. Lance is one hot piece of ass. Gross also appeared with America Ferrera in Our Family Wedding and in Lifetime’s remake of Steel Magnolias starring Queen Latifah.

If you’re wondering about his personal life, Gross previously dated an America’s Next Top Model winner. Eva Pigford (Cycle 3) was the lucky woman to wake up to this sexy beast every morning for several years. At one point they were even engaged. Sadly, they ended it and parted ways. Check out what she’s missing out below. If you have a sweet tooth, be forewarned. Lance is one tasty delicious treat.