Last night, I’m sure many of you set aside to watch Lance Armstrong‘s revealing interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter where he admitted that he had in fact used performance enhancing drugs in his career (I definitely watched). Oprah was relentless and I have to hand it to her for continuing to pull out these incredible interviews. Making OWN a success is going to continue to take hard work and interviews like this but I have no doubts in my mind when it comes to Oprah prevailing. As a side note, I’m SO excited to see Oprah live when she comes to Vancouver in less than a week. Ahhhh!

What you may not know is that since Lance Armstrong chose to go to Oprah to make his confession instead of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy decided to get his own “Lance” confession with a live Skype interview with Lance Bass. For former N’Sync band member said, “Okay, Jimmy, here it goes. For many years, throughout the 90s, I…” Well, I certainly don’t want to give the big news away. I know you may be thinking, “We already know he’s gay,” and yes that’s true so obviously that is not what his confession is.

Find out what Lance Bass’ big confession is below and see why he got so emotional about it.

Jimmy’s Revealing Interview with Lance Bass