Did you know back in the day Lance Bass dated Topanga aka Danielle Fishel from Boys Meet World? I didn’t. Apparently when he was “straight,” Bass was a boob man. Have you seen the rack on her? Thanks to a tweet by Fishel, the world now knows that two went to prom together. The 31-year-old actress also discussed the matter in a video blog post to Pop Sugar.

“When I was a senior in high school I asked my boyfriend at the time if he would go to prom with me, because my boyfriend at the time was Lance Bass,” revealed Fishel. “So I had to make sure his schedule would allow for prom.”

“Unfortunately he told me no, because he was going to be in Japan and I was so sad,” she shared. But all that changed when a week later, she recalled, when Bass sent her “three dozen roses in the mail with a card that said, ‘Plans have changed, I’ll be in town. Can I take you to prom? Check yes or no.’ And there were two little boxes!”

If you think Bass is upset about all this coming out, he’s not. The 33-year-old former boy bander tweeted, “Wow! He sounds so romantic!” The two look awkwardly adorable in their prom photo. While she’s all into him, his hands aren’t exactly the most caressing. Check it out below, along with a video of Danielle telling the story.

In the end, it all worked out for everyone. Bass is dating model Michael Turchin, while Danielle is now engaged to Tim Belusko who BTW is really cute. Talk about trading up. LOL. Were you surprised the two dated? Do you think Danielle knew back then that he was gay? Sound off below.