In a previous post, I admitted that I don’t really get the whole Lana Del Rey thing. Her music hasn’t really connected with me, as of yet. That said, her recent collaboration with Azaelia Banks is bringing me a lot closer to Team Lana. Can’t get enough of that “Blue Jeans” remix. Despite my lack of love for Del Rey, I have always maintained she is one gorgeous lady. She proves that point in her latest magazine photo shoot.

Shot by Simon Emmett, the 25-year-old singer graces the cover of S Moda magazine. Wearing looks by Ferragamo, Balmain and others, Lana sizzles in a series of pictures for the Spanish weekly publication. You may not like her music, but you can’t deny the girl can take one fierce photo. Check a few of them out below.

If know Spanish and want to read the entire interview, head over to S Moda’s official website.