Lana Del Rey Gears Up For The Fourth of July With “National Anthem”

Red, White, Blue’s in the sky. Summer’s in the air baby heaven’s in your eyes. I’m your national anthem. Money is the anthem… of success.

I have to admit, I was a little late jumping on the Lana Del Rey band wagon when she first came out. I loved “Video Games” but wasn’t sure if she could deliver with the rest of her album after her very disappointing live performance on Saturday Night Live. When her album debuted, I buckled down and purchased it. I immediately fell in love. It’s haunting sound and nature with sexual and interesting lyrics quickly became a repeat on my iPhone. One of my favorite tracks was definitely “National Anthem” which Lana has now given the music video treatment.

In the video, Lana plays Jacqueline Kennedy with rapper A$AP Rocky portraying the late President John F. Kennedy. The video is an epic 7 minutes and 40 seconds long but well worth the entire time span. The video captures Lana and A$AP in some great candid moments acting as the famous couple. Whether at their daughter’s birthday party or lounging on the lawn, the two show off some great onscreen chemistry. If you love Lana Del Rey or are just curious to check out what she has to offer this time around, check out the new music video below.

Lana Del Rey, “National Anthem”

  • rogelio

    that video is just flawless, like a short film… and I love the song

  • Bobby Cox

    One of her best songs yet! LURVES IT!

  • DouggSeven

    I didn’t even think her SNL appearance was bad. She was live, in key, and sounded very similar to the album. The energy of the songs doesn’t really mix with a comedy expecing crowd. Had she did the exact same thing in a smaller venue and if you were there live and know something about her music, you’d walk away mezmorized.

  • Rob

    wow that vid is so cool and so sweet and so tragic
    makes you think of that story in a whole different way

    i wasnt so fond of this song but this vid does the sale
    now she can’t leave us without summer sadness this summer right?