See What Lana Del Ray Had To Say About Her SNL Performance & More

Since last weekend’s SNL episode, a lot of the discussion in the media this week has been Lana Del Ray‘s performance as the musical guest. I happened to have watched the episode myself and was definitely… confused to say the least about her performance, where she sang “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games“. I was thinking, “Is there something I’m missing?” She seems so disinterested in what she was doing and her voice was all over the place. The media had a field with this performance since then, even comparing the performance to Ashlee Simpson’s lip-syncing ordeal.

So what does she have to say about this? Well, this week she sat down with FUSE and in terms of her live singing ability, she had the following to say: “I think like, the people who have been listening to my music for a little while know that I’m more of a writer and, like, a studio singer. So I think if you come to the show, you just come to hear the songs on the record that you might like.” Hmm, isn’t that why everyone goes to concerts? She also said, “You can’t expect too much from my show.” Crazy! You never expect someone to say that about their own performance. That being said, at least she’s being honest. I dunno, what do you think about all of this?

Check out her interview below and see for yourself. Do you think she’ll be able to recover from this? Either way, I’m certain it will haunt her for the next while anyway.

  • Josh

    Just another example of Idol bringing on nobodies they think will get the kids to watch

  • Josh

    And by Idol I of course mean SNL…guess what show I’m watching writing this haha

  • EvChemical

    I’ve never heard her sing before watching this video, but you can even hear in the studio version clips that she doesn’t have a “great” voice, and the songs wouldn’t translate from album to stage well.

  • rogelio

    who cares if she doesn’t have a great voice? she is beautiful, her songwriting skills are amazing and her music is cool…
    how many performers out there really have a great voice now? xtina? adele? another “big” girl? all the others use some sort of vocal enhancement even in their “live” concerts…

  • Patricio

    i don’t really like her

  • JoeyBroyles

    I saw the performances and then watched them again. She is at most an acquired taste. I think she’s amazing and I thought the performances were reminiscent of when people used to perform live in the 1960s and 1970s. Today everything is so over manufactured that you don’t know what is real. Auto-Tune is starting to make us demand perfection and or at the very least lip synched performances. God forbid someone sing live on stage. I will buy her album because her wack-a-doodle songs ROCK!

  • Rich

    Horrible, yes. But at least she didn’t lipsynch.